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I couldn’t be more excited for the next release in in the Rocky Mountain Justice series, Her Rocky Mountain Defender! I want to share this sneak peek (the first of six) with you. Make sure to come back each Thursday leading up to the April 3rd release.

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Roman DeMarco sat at the table in the kitchen of a cramped studio apartment. Like an ever-present fog, the smell of overcooked eggs crept in from the hallway. In the distance, a baby’s wail pierced the still afternoon. He lifted his weary gaze to the window. The view was of the stained brick building next door. Roman had lived under an alias—Roman Black—paying rent and sleeping in this apartment for almost half of a year, yet this place wasn’t his home.

Turning his gaze back to the table, Roman held up his latest creation. It was a powerful ELD, or electronic listening device. He hit the power button. A small rectangular screen glowed and filled with boxy script. It held two words: Signal Obtained.

During his years as an intelligence officer with Delta Force, Roman had bugged many rooms. But this next target had proved to be uniquely difficult.

As far as Roman was concerned, he loved the challenge. The targeted room—underground and made of concrete—was the first problem. Any signal coming from the room needed to be strong, and using an easily hidden, thumb-sized ELD was impossible. It left Roman fashioning his own device. The bug might be larger than he wanted, but the battery should be powerful enough to last fourteen days. Or so he .

“Testing. Testing. One. Two. Three,” he said.

He pressed a small button on the side. His words were replayed. “Testing. Testing. One. Two. Three.”

He turned the device over and examined the back. Two powerful magnets lined each side of the ELD. He moved to his refrigerator and held out the black box. Like a live thing, the magnets pulled, and the ELD wiggled in his grasp. He let go and it sailed an inch from his hand, connecting with the appliance’s metal casing. He smiled to himself. If things went as planned, Roman was about to reclaim his former life.

It couldn’t come a day too soon.

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