Retired bull rider, Kurt Crawford, has made a mess of his life. He’s in debt and his daughter needs lifesaving surgery. There’s only one way he can make enough money to pay for the procedure and get out of serious debt. Kurt has to return to rodeo and win another national championship. The road to nationals leads through his hometown of Bear Creek, Texas. On the first night of competition, Kurt gets thrown from the bull and knocked unconscious. Yet, he never expected to find his first love, Faith McGregor, providing emergency care upon waking.

Faith McGregor has found herself in an impossible position. Her ex-boyfriend is her newest patient. As a nurse practitioner, she knows that he has to give up bull riding for good. Because of so many previous injuries, another fall could be deadly. Yet, when Kurt shares that he’s hoping to make enough money to pay for his daughter’s surgery, Faith finds it difficult to force Kurt back into retirement. All the same, she can’t let him endanger his life.

When Kurt’s daughter goes from bad to worse, Faith devises a plan to save the young woman’s life. Will it be enough? And, what will come of the renewed romance between Kurt and Faith when the rodeo is over?